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Bolt Electric LLC is a full-service, family owned and operated electrical contractor located on the north side of San Antonio, Texas. We specialize in residential and commercial electrical work. Some of our other services include; whole home surge protection, flat-screen television mounting, and we can provide and install solar PV systems.

What you need to know about Electricians in San Antonio

Stay away from the “bootleg” electrician who does electrical jobs really cheap; but doesn’t have the knowledge, insurance, or licensing required by the state of Texas. Take note that; it is against the law to do electrical work in San Antonio without an electrical contractors license. Look for the “TECL” license number on their truck, any contractor preforming electrical work is required by law to have their license numbers posted on the side door or panel. In all my years of experience, I have come across some really dangerous work done by these individuals in homes and commercial buildings. People usually don’t know about these potential fire hazards because they are often hidden in attics, walls, or grid ceilings. Your home or business and your safety, are worth way too much to take such a risk. We promise, we will ALWAYS preform our work right the first time.

We will NEVER take short cuts, or do any unsafe electrical work in your home or place of business. A lot of our electrical work in San Antonio comes by referrals from our existing costumers. People often love us so much, they call us back when they have any other electrical issues. Most of our clients also refer us to their friends, family and business contacts. Jobs are #1 Priority!

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